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About Us

Maher Angus Ranch is a family operation that is owned and managed by Casey and Gina Maher and their family. Established in 1917 by Casey’s grandfather, Maher Angus Ranch is located on the southern border of North Dakota just 2 ½ miles northeast of Morristown, South Dakota. Casey is the third generation, representing over 100 years of raising Black Angus cattle.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our customers: past, present and future. Your support and confidence in our program is appreciated.

— the Maher Family

2021 Sale Report:

122 Yearling Bulls Averaged $6,080

18 Two-Year-Old Bulls Average $5,653

8 Registered Open Heifers Average $1,838

108 Commercial Angus Open Heifers $1,443 

Top Selling Bulls

  • Lot 6 – $15,000 to John & Bruce Maher of Timber Lake, SD. MAR Captain 8027. LD Capitalist 316 x MAR Innovation 251. Born 02/03/2020. 
  • Lot 26 – $14,500 to Gumbo Hill Ranch of McIntosh, SD. MAR Foundation Design 271-018. S Foundation 514 x MAR I87 New Design 529. Born 01/22/2020.
  •  Lot 5 – $11,500 to Buck Ward of Timber Lake, SD. MAR Capital Innovation 8018. LD Capitalist 316 x MAR Innovation 251. Born 01/29/2020. 
  • Lot 30 – $11,000 to Doug Lawrence of Timber Lake, SD. MAR Found Innovation 315-012. S Foundation 514 x MAR Innovation 251. Born 01/21/2020. 
  • Lot 76 – $10,500 to Dan Miller of Raleigh, ND. MAR Missile Industrial 654. Vermillion Missle x MAR Industrial 0713. Born 02/09/2020.

Reported by Will Bollum with the Western Ag Reporter.

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